The best pigeon-fanciers in the Belgian pigeon sports… there are only a few.
Absolute requirements are : a continuous devotion, but of course also a good and healthy pigeon colony.

Stefan STEENBERGEN (until 2014 in tandem with his father Albert) from Herk-de-Stad (Belgium – Europe) are among the top fews : they started with pigeons in 2001 and they won 11 national races in only a few years time ; an exceptional record, don’t you think so ?

NARBONNE (inter)national 2017

1 nat. Narbonne 3471 p.

3 international 18927 p.
with Liz, B2182438-16

CHATEAUROUX (Guéret) 2016

1 prov. in 2749 old birds with Lin (1 prov. Ace 2015)
2 prov. in 2630 yearlings

ARGENTON 7 July 2016

1 prov. in 1354 yearlings with Campina
old lines Van Camp – Vandersmissen – Voets

Super Walter

Only 2 years after having started their loft, in 2003, Stefan and Albert beated all other pigeon colonies and won 1st semi-National Bourges out of 3.244 pigeons.
It was no coincidence, because the pigeon-fanciers from Herk-de-Stad (Belgium) won one race after the other, bearing the palm with 1st NATIONAL KBDB Argenton 2006 against 4.099 pigeons.
Only a year after this success, Stefan won 1st NATIONAL KBDB LA SOUTERAINE 2007 against 4.331 pigeons.
He added another four semi-Nationals and five Nationals zone C, 13 victories on Local races and 30 times in the Top 20 National to his record, putting the counter to 11 victories…!


The least we can say is they have a excellent pigeons in Herk-de-stad (Belgium) ; breeding with discipline, workmanschap and good medical backing garantee the best scores !

The tandem Stefan & Albert STEENBERGEN are well-known in Belgium, but also abroad, such as in China ; Top pigeons, Top scores, Top pigeon-fanciers.

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